Friday, 4 May 2018

Well that's just PLANE fun!

This week room 6 has been exploring measurement of time and geometry in the form of paper planes. Our goal was to see if we could keep our planes in the air for 30 seconds!

First we researched what makes a plane stay in the air. Then we utilised our origami skills to create paper planes and test trialed them to see how long they would stay in the air.

Next we went back to the drawing board and tried to figure out how we could improve the flight of our planes. This lead to new designs and features on the planes.

Then we did some more research on planes to see if we could apply this to our paper planes.

We tested our second design (concept) and evaluated the flight.

Then the time came for us to create our third and final plane. This was the plane that would be used in our paper plane competition.

Congratulations to Carter who's plane stayed in the air the longest! (8.49 seconds). We didn't make it to 30 seconds but we shot for the moon and landed within the stars!

Well done to everyone in room 6 who put a lot of effort into making awesome planes.


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  2. What a challenge! What made Carter's plane stay up the longest?