Friday, 25 May 2018

Flapping Around

In preparation for our arts week project we have been practicing our fantastic sketching.

We first tried to draw a fantail with no picture and no help and then Miss Stuhlmann talked us through each step and we had a picture to help us visualize the fantail.

We did so well!!!

Check out our awesome fantails.


  1. Room 6, Your fantails look awesome. They Must have taken a while.

    Room 1

  2. Wow room 6,I am sure that you all put great effort into all of these drawings of wonderful fantails. They look amazing! What a great start to art week.

  3. Wow those sketches look amazing.
    what did you use to make them.
    where did you get the idea from.

  4. Ka Pai Room 6! It is amazing what you can do when you put your minds to it.

  5. Epic work room 6! Your birds look magnificent! How did you make them?

  6. Wow room 6! The fantails look amazing! I can't wait for arts week. Is there any reason you picked a fantail to sketch?

  7. Great job. They looks like real birds.

  8. Your birds look amazing room 5!

  9. Did you know that the best artists are those that are the best at observation. I like how you have tried to observe the shape of the body and tried to get the proportions right between the body and tail. Keep looking and sketching closely what you can see Room6.

  10. Awesome artwork Rm6 it looks really hard,
    How long did it take?
    By Max Monaghan