Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Where have they been?!

Flash and Ash have been loving going out with room 6 students. They have been experiencing the world through new and fun adventures. Thank you very much to the students who have taken excellent care of them and written down the adventure for us all to read.

Here are some of the adventures they have been on so far:

AND we have many more stories to be read as well as yet to be told, Flash and Ash hope to have an adventure with everyone in room 6.

The stories of Flash and Ash's adventures are in our classroom library, come on in and read them!

Miss Stuhlmann


  1. What a great start to the adventures of Flash & Ash!

  2. flash and ash have been going places! I hope they have more adventures like this!������

  3. i haven't taken Flash and Ash home but really excited to!!!!!