Monday, 26 February 2018

Our amazing day at Tree Adventures!!!

Hello Amazing Learners, Parents and Whanau

Our year 5's had a wonderful experience during the last two days of school with their trip to Eastern Beach and then to Tree Adventures. We were able to learn, practice and master new physical skills as well as engage and have fun with friends, parents and teachers!

Thank you to our amazing parent helpers! We couldn't have done this without you and it was such a joy to have you there. We hope you had a great time too :)






  1. Wow, looks amazing. You are some lucky students. Thanks to all the teachers and parents for making it a great day. James loved it

  2. This looks like a fantastic day. I wish I could have joined you for this day too - maybe next year? I like Tree Adventures and have been on this myself with my own boys. The frisbee looked like a lot of running!

  3. It was so fun at both places on the two days.

    1. I think tree adventures was the best though Tavish.