Monday, 29 January 2018

Help me, I'm melting!

Hello to the Amazing Room 6 Learners, Parents and Whanau.

I hope you have all had wonderful holidays and that you are excited for school to start again. I've spent a lot of time these holidays getting room 6 ready for our learners and with the amazing weather, it has been sooo hot that, at times, it felt like I was melting! Bearing this in mind, please make sure that all room 6 students have a drink bottle with them.

The pictures below show Flash the Sloth. Flash is room 6's mascot and he will be going home with the student of the week for them to write about their adventures with him. Flash loves getting creative, being outdoors and learning new things.

I am very excited to get to know you all. See you on our first day tomorrow.

Miss Stuhlmann


  1. Flash and his assistant Ash are super cute! I can't wait till I take Flash or Ash home one day and write in the books what adventure Flash and i, or Ash and I have been doing together in the weekends!

  2. I like that you've taken pictures of Flash and Ash in their "natural" environment Miss Stuhlmann. I wonder who will be taking them home first? Will you document their adventures on a blog too?

    1. Thank you for commenting Mrs Driver. What a great idea to add Flash and Ash's adventures to our class blog. Watch this space :)